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The 1998
Big Brother Awards UK

The London School of Economics
Monday October 26, 1998

The Big Brother Award

8 years in coming, this day saw the first annual "Big Brother" Awards. The event was organised by Privacy International and the awards were presented by comedian Mark Thomas. This website contains information about the recipients of the awards and images and video clips from the event itself. The event was directed by Simon Davies who has written a report.
We also have information on this years 'Corporate Sponsors', a requirement for any awards ceremony, Killing Secrets.

There were two sets of awards, The 'Big Brothers' which commemorated the companies and organisations which have made the biggest contributions to making George Orwell's vision a reality and the 'Winstons' which rewarded those who have dared to resist. The Big Brothers were awarded in 5 categories as follows:

Corporate Award

Procurement Services International

Local Government Award

Newham Council for their Mandrake Initiative

National Government Award


Product Award

Software by Harlequin

Lifetime Achievement Award

Menwith Hill

The People's Choice Winner was Jack Straw for invasion of privacy above and beyond the call of duty. Justifications include the Police Act, treatment of asylum seekers, extension of police powers and information gathering practices, secret activities within the European K4 (Justice and Home Affairs) Committee, and the development of "conflict management" strategies that allow police to store information on protesters, travellers or anybody else they believe may threaten public order.

The Organising Body

Privacy International (PI) was formed in 1990 as a non-government watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasion. The organisation has campaigned throughout the world on dozens of issues ranging from identity cards and encryption policy, to workplace surveillance and military intelligence. PI's membership includes IT specialists, lawyers, judges and journalists from fourty countries.
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